Friday, April 07, 2017

Just because you have suffered before doesn't mean you can undermine others' suffering. Why do you concern yourself so much about other people when they clearly don't need you? Who makes you the center of universe? Stop giving yourself so much credit. Life moves on even without you. Probably moves even better without your criticism. 

People hurt.
People get hurt.
That's their building block, the thing that shape them into the person they are now.
That's what makes us so different.
The way we perceive things.
The way we react to things.

Your definition of happiness does not apply to everyone.
Why do you think your definition of sadness does?
Emotional stress is not measured in numbers.. It's unique to everyone. Give them space to cope with their struggle. You're definitely not helping them by crying "I can help you, why are you rejecting me?"

They push you away because you are an entitled piece of shit.

Let them recover.
Let me recover.

If I need you, I'll reach out to you. Only then it's your choice whether or not to extend your hand. Why are you feeling sorry for me? I achieved so much in life. What I feel, what I choose to tell  you don't form a complete story of who I truly am.

In other words..

Fuck off


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